Our products and services

Resilience Logistic Solution (RLS) was established to focus on meeting the deployable logistic requirements of emergency response, humanitarian and commercial operations. RLS is a manufacturer, distributor and provider of re-deployable life support systems and supporting services.

Our products and services are offered to mitigate the effects on agencies and communities when severe to catastrophic events stretch beyond “business as usual” capacity. This also extends through to the commercial sector where remote operations or large work sites means that logistic support requirements are beyond the reach or capacity of local infrastructure.

Field Camps and Accommodation 

RLS provides a base camp solution incorporating sleeping and working accommodation along with containerised catering & dining, showers and toilets, and laundry solutions. Our base camp solutions can be quickly deployed and can operate independently of mains power and town water. As this offering is modular it can be scaled to meet any size of camp.

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchens are capable of rapid deployment and have power and water management systems integral to the container. With inbuilt appliances catering operations can commence soon after deployment. Connections to RLS deployable shelters can provide an integrated serving and dining annex. Capacity is 100 diners in one sitting.

Shower, Toilet and Laundry

These systems have integrated power, water management and heating. Laundries including washing and drying appliances. When shower systems are connected to RLS deployable shelters they can provide an integrated changing area.  

Decontamination Tents

A range of decontamination shelters are available from light shelters designed to support individuals or small teams responses to larger shelters supporting major HAZMAT operations or mass contaminated casualty incidents.  

Field Hospitals

A fully integrated 100 bed field hospital solution includes specialised modules for supporting clinical services. Smaller deployment options are also available for Ambulance triage and holding shelters through to first aid posts.

Consulting and Support Services

Logistic capability specialists are available to help identify support requirements and design capability solutions. These services can extend through to the development of logistic planning for deployed operations. Our service offering also includes the deployment and redeployment of RLS products providing an operating budget alternative to traditional capital investment procurement.

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Our Values


We achieve excellent outcomes for our partners whether they are agencies, communities or companies; through the provision of excellent products and services and by always doing everything in the best possible way.


Whilst we work with our client partners to provide the right response to meet their needs, we also work with commercial partners to develop innovative and excellent solutions. Our people work in partnership to deliver the best outcomes.


Our products and services support an essential emergency response and sustainment mission. Therefore, our partners must have confidence in our products, services and people. Our people always exhibit integrity; with our partners, and each other, ensuring trust and excellence, every day.


We are committed to delivering the right response to meet our partners’ requirements. We are committed to quality outcomes. Our people are committed to supporting each other.