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A proud moment for Global Defence Solutions (GDS) and Resilience Logistic Solutions (RLS) when our work was mentioned in the House of Representatives by the Hon Melissa Price, Minister for Defence Industry, in reference to her recent trip to the Shoalhaven region with Senator Jim Molan.

The Hon Melissa Price said, “we had the great pleasure of meeting some of our young Australian workers. We met three young people Brendan, Madison and Laura, who are working hard on behalf of the Australian people, working on behalf of the ADF, and they’re producing a cutting-edge camouflage material. What a great joy it was to meet Laura, because she had only just started her apprenticeship.”

During the Hon Melissa Price visit, Craig Petrie, RLS Sales Director, had the opportunity to advise the Minister of how RLS was able to draw on defence industry experience and pivot to provide a humanitarian response to the Papua New Guinea (PNG) COVID outbreak. After only being established in 2020, this is an incredible honour for an RLS project to be mentioned in National Question Time.

The Hon Melissa Price said, “one of the opportunities we learnt of, that together with other businesses in the Shoalhaven region, that they’ve stepped up to support our COVID response to PNG and this joint effort is providing locally made deployable medical shelters for PNG.”


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