What does RLS offer?

RLS creates smarter and safer infrastructure solutions that help field responders perform to the very best of their abilities. Highly robust and endlessly versatile, our systems deliver a proven range of modular platforms that can be easily adapted to meet the unique configuration requirements of any deployment.

V Series of Shelter

  • Easy handling
  • Practical and reliable design
  • Light, compact, robust, and quick setup
  • No material handling equipment (MHE) or special tools for setup
  • Easy attachment of the canvas to the frame
  • Rapid, compact, and sealed internal space
  • All in one: canvas, inner liner, ground sheet, air distribution duct
  • Thermal fly overs all sides of the tent for a guaranteed efficiency
  • Very large workspace, 100% of the surface is usable


Step 1 – Frame setup
1 minute, 30 seconds
Step 2 – Canvas setup
1 minute, 30 seconds
Step 3 – Thermal fly setup
1 minute, 30 seconds


Resilience Base Camp – 200 (RBC – 200)

  • Accommodates up to 200 people.
  • Capable of operating independently of mains power and town water.
  • 50 m x 100 m.
  • Capabilities includes: kitchen, dining, sleeping accommodation, shelter storage, laundries, first aid, headquarters, internet café, rec & briefing, change rooms, shower and toilets.


Large Decontamination Systems

RLS design clinical decontamination units to deal with mass casualty incidents with the following design features:

  • Multi lane zoned decontamination shelter.
  • Ambulant or non-ambulant decontamination lanes.
  • Warm potable water supply.
  • Contaminated waste management system.
  • Environmentally conditioned to maintain internal temperature suitable for decontamination.
  • Autonomous power supply or able to run on available power supply.

Small Decontamination Systems

RLS supply small, highly mobile, decontamination units suitable for single person decontamination or “buddy-buddy” decontamination of first responders. System design features:

  • Two person deploy decontamination shelter which fits inside a small commercial van.
  • Potable water storage or connection to available supply.
  • Inline pressurising pump.
  • Small, portable water heater with fuel storage can.
  • Overhead or handheld spray gun with fixed water flow and variable spray pattern.
  • Small portable generator for autonomous power supply.
  • Lightweight trestles to support a spine board for non-ambulant casualties.
  • Contaminated waste management system.

Fully Integrated Container Based Large Decontamination System

GDS manufacture a completely integrated container-based solution that can be delivered using MHE, crane or hook and bale system. The container has the following equipment integrated into the container:

  • Diesel powered generator.
  • Potable water delivery system including water heater, fitted pipe work and both overhead shower roses and handheld spray guns.
  • Contaminated waste system which is stored in a separate heavy-duty bladder.
  • Integrated lighting.
  • Additional soft wall shelters can be stored inside the ISO container and attached either side of the container to give a large reception and undress area and post decon a larger check/re-robe area with holding capacity prior to onward transport to a receiving hospital.
  • Multiple lane configuration to allow distinct male/female lines or ambulant and non-ambulant decontamination lines.

Static Decontamination Systems

RLS manufacture pre-hospital static decontamination systems to allow casualties to be decontaminated before they enter the hospital either through the main entrance or a dedicated route into emergency department. The advantages of a static decontamination hospital solution are:

  • The system is “plug and play” with hard connected water and electrical supply.
  • Reduce training burden on emergency department staff who may have to deploy inflatable of frame-based decontamination tents with loose ancillary items for water and electric supply.
  • A discreet decontamination solution within the hospital footprint with well drilled decontamination procedures run in a fixed position.
  • Lower maintenance burden on the hospital team.

Specialised Systems – LEMA

RLS design Local Emergency Mortuary Arrangement which can be deployed to a mass casualty incident that would overwhelm the local hospital mortuary and autopsy suite. The LEMA system is scalable depending on the size of the incident and includes the following modules:

  • Refrigerated body holding area pre-examination.
  • Pathology facility fitted out with stainless steel tables, lights, washdown facility and waste management.
  • Central odontologists area working across to pathology facilities.
  • Staff rest area with toilet and shower facility attached.
  • Body holding facility post examination with admin area for coroner and staff.
  • Field generator for power supply.
  • External lighting.
  • Internal environmental control.
  • Deployable access road.

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